Discover Kołobrzeg with the Baltic at your doorstep

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Morska 6 Boutique Apartments

Located by the estuary between the Parsęta river and the Baltic sea, Morska 6 is a new hybrid space in Kołobrzeg where relaxation, wellness and gastronomic pleasure converge, all with expansive views to the historic lighthouse and the horizon.

By the historic lighthouse

Make yourself at home

Inspired by the serenity Kołobrzeg’s landscapes, our 13 boutique
apartments are all uniquely designed for comfort and relaxation,
with elegant details and art pieces in a contemporary setting.


The location of Morska 6 makes it the perfect spot to discover the
marvels of the surrounding landscape – sandy beaches with
natural dunes, the historic park stretching along the coast, the
eastern Ecopark with diverse vegetation, bird habitats and
picturesque backwaters, unique pine forests

With the unique landscapes at your feet


With views over the Baltic sea, the rooftop Spa offers the ultimate setting
for unwinding. It features a sauna for restorative treatments, and
a lounge for unhurried relaxation. The rooftop terrace offers impressive
views of the Baltic Sea, the port, the seaside park and the city.

With everything within your grasp

Fine gastronomy with gourmet restaurants. The port with a myriad of
ships and yachts. Seafront promenade, the beach and the seaside park.
While staying at Morska 6 all this is within your grasp and the extensive
network of hiking and cycling paths will take you to the most beautiful
parts of the city and its surroundings

In the heart of Kołobrzeg

Discover the local gorumet

At Kasier Patisserie, we share with you our passion for perfect desserts. Unique flavors and careful workmanship make each bite a real feast for the palate. In your little corner of culinary paradise, you'll find a wide selection of handmade pastries, from classic French croissants to delicate fruit tarts and refined cakes. Each product is carefully prepared from the highest quality ingredients to provide you with an unforgettable taste experience. Visit Patisserie and let yourself be enchanted.


Morska 6
Boutique Apartments

ul. Morska 6
78-100 Kołobrzeg

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Morska 6 Boutique Apartments is operated by:

Jantar Apartamenty Kołobrzeg
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